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Warehouse Maintenance


The Warehouse Maintenance module can be used to quickly update and manage company warehouse sites. With the proper security access, users can see all inventory assigned to each warehouse, can update location user fields, or view in-transit transfers.


Select a warehouse ID from the Site dropdown list. After choosing a site, the remaining information can be updated to reflect the desired changes. Information that can be updated includes warehouse Tax Schedule ID, Address, and Contact Info. 

Note: The Bin fields can only be edited in environments where multi-bin has been enabled in GP.


The Inventory tab allows for the search of items that are assigned to the selected warehouse.

User Fields

The User Fields tab displays user fields that have been created on the Location business object in User Field Editor.

In-Transit Transfers

This tab allows users to search for in-transit transfer lines related to the selected site. The Order Document ID field can be clicked to open the In-Transit Transfer.


Warehouse Maintenance - Grants users access to the module.

Warehouse In-Transit Transfers - Displays the In-Transit Transfers tab in the Warehouse maintenance module.

Warehouse Inventory - Displays the Inventory tab in the Warehouse Maintenance module.

Warehouse User Fields - Displays the User Fields tab in the Warehouse Maintenance module.

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