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Search in GP


In Additions, users can use the Search module to quickly search for different objects. When the user clicks on the entry that they are looking for, the correlating value will open up within Microsoft Dynamics GP. The goal of Additions Search is to improve efficiency in Dynamics GP by adding a powerful search tool in a selection of companion forms. This tool has the ability to search a number of fields, making the user more efficient and allowing them to find the desired data more quickly. The search module can match a search term with a customizable selection of fields such as sales document, customer, and vendor searches. All of these values can be searched at the same time from any keyword or number. The results grid of the search screen is fully customizable, allowing the user to control what fields they see and search. Also, it is possible to order by, write a custom filter for, or modify the layout and size of any available column. Once installed, additions will instantly pop up by selecting any of the following in GP:

  • Sales Transaction Entry
  • Customer Card
  • Item Card
  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Vendor Card
System Requirements
  1. Create an account at on SalesPad’s website 
  2. Click on SalesPad’s product page and click on CardControl once an ID is created

  3. Click Download CardControl and Additions
  4. Download Additions 2.0 Installer once the page redirects
  5. Click I Agree when the install pops up
  6. Click Next on the setup wizard
    1. Change the Destination Folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP 2010\AddIns to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP 2013\AddIns
    2. Click Install on the setup wizard
    3. Click Finish on the setup wizard (show release notes is optional)
    4. Open Microsoft Dynamics GP
  7. Enter login credentials
  8. Click Sales in the bottom left corner of GP
  9. Click on one of the form links to open Additions
    Example: Sales Transaction Entry
  10. Additions will appear right of the business object
  11. Click on Sales Transaction Entry

The Additions window will appear in Sales Transaction Entry, Customer Card, Item Card, Purchase Order Entry, and the Vendor Card windows. The search feature works the same across the board but the fields searched differ depending on the business object.

Sales Transaction Entry
  1. Click on Sales in the box on the bottom right hand corner of GP
  2. Click on Sales Transaction Entry in the Transactions box
  3. The Additions window will open to the right
  4. Enter a Sales Document Type, Sales Document ID, Sales Document Number, Sales Batch, or Total to garner results
    Example: Enter “ORD” on search
Customer Card

While still in sales, the Customer Card can be accessed as well.

  1. Go one box over to Cards and click Customer

    Once Customer is clicked the following screen will appear:
  2. Enter a value in the search bar to garner results
Item Card
  1. Click Inventory in the bottom left hand corner
  2. Go to Cards and click Item. The following screen will appear.
  3. Enter an Item Number, Item Description, or Item type to garner results.
Purchase Order Entry
  1. Click Purchasing in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click on Purchase Order Entry under Transactions. The following screen will appear.
  3. Enter a PO Number, PO Status, or Vendor ID to garner results.
Vendor Card
  1. Click Cards in Purchasing to open the following window:
  2. Enter a Vendor ID or Vendor Note in the search bar to garner results.
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