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SalesPad+ Release Notes

Release Date 10/21/15

ADDED: Support for MSMQ to comminicate with other integrated applications, such as CardControl.

Release Date 7/10/15

FIXED: Sales Transaction Entry: When opening the Sales Transaction formlet from the Dynamics GP button in SalesPad all of the transaction buttons states now match the document type.
FIXED: Sales Transaction Entry: Authorizations are now displayed after transferring an order to an invoice.
FIXED: Sales Transaction Entry: Warning Message no longer displayed when voiding authorizations.

REMOVED: Setting: Can Capture Less than Authorization Amount. 

Release Date 7/3/15

ADDED: Sales Line Items: A Sales Line User Field form is now attached to the Dynamics GP form Sales Item Detail Entry, displaying all of the fields associated with sales line items. 

Release Date 7/8/15

UPDATED: Licensing has been changed to accept a site name which is now stored in an Additions database table.

ADDED: Support for Dynamics GP 2015 R2.

Release Date 6/25/15

FIXED: Sales Transaction Entry: When capturing an authorization in Additions the hold on that document is released in SalesPad. 

Release Date 6/19/15

UPDATED: Additions now supports CardControl 3.0.

FIXED: Sop Entry: Time Column now resizeable. 
FIXED: Sales Batch Processing: Error no longer occurs while performing a batch capture while CardControl is closed.

Release Date 5/5/15

FIXED: Sop Entry: Document dates on payments now use the current date and not the User Date in GP or the Doc Date on the Order.
FIXED: User Defined Fields - User Fields now respect Image, File Attachment, and Hyperlink UDF types set up in SalesPad.
FIXED: Cash Receipts: Voiding or Crediting a transaction will now adjust the Distributions on the document.
FIXED: SopTransactionEntry grid population issue after a CardControl transaction.

Release Date 3/2/15

FIXED: Sales Transaction Entry: Time Column is now resizable.
FIXED: Additions Searches: Additions search grid now keeps focus after selecting a row from the grid, allowing for easier scrolling.
FIXED: Sales Transaction Entry: User Field Tab: Layout Customization- Selecting “No” when prompted to save a layout now reloads the previous layout.

ADDED: Additions: Added the ability to re-open the additions window without needing to close the GP window.

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