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SalesPad+ Installation Guide


SalesPad+ is an add-in application that integrates with and enhances Microsoft Dynamics GP with some of SalesPad GP’s functionality. Additions leverages the advantages of SalesPad’s User Defined Fields, search power, Sales Batch Processing and search inside of Dynamics.

This install guide is intended to provide a detailed set of instructions to install SalesPad+. SalesPad does not have to be installed on client workstations using the application.

To obtain the executable needed to install SalesPad+, fill out an Upgrade Request form or contact the Sales department at SalesPad.

Minimum Required SQL Permissions:

  • Company database – db_datareader, db_datawriter, and public

To begin the SalesPad+ installation:

  1. Once the installer has been downloaded open that executable.
  2. Read and accept the EULA (End User License Agreement) by clicking I Agree
  3. Select the correct Dynamics GP directory folder to install to and click Next:
  4. Select the features of SalesPad to install and click Install:
Connecting for the First Time

Due to the database privileges the sa user has in concern to Dynamics GP, you must run Dynamics as the sa user during this part of the install process.

  1. Run Dynamics GP.
  2. Sign in as the sa user.
  3. Enter an email for licensing.
  4. Then proceed to run the database update as the sa user.
Further Use

You can find the rest of our SalesPad+ documentation here.

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