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MobileBoards Functions


MobileBoards is the ultimate toolset to access any key business metric from the convenience of your iOS or Android device. Create, view, and share dashboards of information to assist in helping you make critical business decisions. From sales, inventory, and marketing figures to cash and accounting analysis, reporting panels can be easily added from built-in compatible database components (i.e. QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP), or you can pull your own metrics with our SQL plug-in.


1. Once you have installed and launched the application, it will take you to the main screen

Application Ribbon

The Application Ribbon will give you access to all of the main functions in MobileBoards.

The Administrative Dropdown will allow you to logoff or exit MobileBoards.

  1. Click Logoff to log off
  2. Click Exit to leave the application entirely

The Board Manager will toggle on and off the Board Manager screen.

The Update Interval tabs will change how often MobileBoards refreshes.

The Update Now button will update the information for your Boards.

The Windows Service tab will toggle MobileBoards on or off as a Windows Service. If on, it will launch when you start your computer.

Action Toolbar

The Action Toolbar will give you the power to modify and create new boards to reflect business metrics.

New Board and Delete Board

1. Clicking New Board will open up the Add New Board panel. For more info see the Creating a New Board


1. Clicking Delete Board will prompt the delete board menu. Clicking Yes will permanently delete the board.

Importing and Exporting

With MobileBoards, you can import and export existing boards to seem previous business metrics or create new ones.

Importing a Board
  1. Clicking Import Board will bring up the Windows Explorer
  2. Click on an existing MobileBoards file and select Open
Exporting a Board
  1. Click Export Board

  2. Windows Explorer will open and here you can save your file by clicking Save

Activating and Deactivating

By Activating and Deactivating Boards you can control whether a board is on or off.

  1. To Activate a Board, click on a Deactivate Board

  1. Click Activate Board on the Action Toolbar
Deactivating Board
  1. Click on a Board that is active

  1. Click Deactivate Board

The Board will be Deactivated. Creating a New Board

  1. Click New Board to start the process

  1. The Add New Board Menu will appear. Enter a Board Name

  1. Click OK. You will see your Board in the Board Manager screen

Panel Templates

On the right hand corner, you will find the Panel Templates screen

Panel Designer
  1. Double click a board or create a new one to open the Panel Designer or right click and hit Edit

Plugin Properties – Gives all of the details on the connection and where the data comes from

Table Layout Editor – Supplies different options for editing table layouts

Data Format Editor – Supplies different options for editing data

Chart Designer – Gives access to different options for designing charts, etc

  1. Pick one of the tabs to choose to edit your Panel

Plugin Properties

Table Layout Editor

Data Format Editor

Chart Designer

SQL Stored Procedure

  1. Click on SQL Stored Procedure or right click on a Board and hit Manually Edit Content on it

        2.Edit content in the Panel Content Editor
        3.Click Save

Changing a Password

  1. Go to the MobileBoards website
  2. Type in your Email under the “Forgot your password?”
  3. Click Reset It

The following message will appear.

If you click Reset It again, you will be redirected here

       4.Once you receive the email, click Reset MobileBoards Password


       5.A second email will come in with a new password

Mobile Usage
  1. Download the app on your iOS or Android device
  2. Open MobileBoards
  3. Sign in by entering your previously used Email and Password for the desktop version
  4. Swipe left or right
iOS Specific Screens

Login Screen

Menu Screen

Screen Example

Screen Example continued

Android Specific Screens

Login Screen

Main Menu

Side Menu

Screen Example

Screen Example 2

Choose files or drag and drop files
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