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CardControl Release Notes

Release Date 3/13/18

FIXED: Credit Card Transactions: The Created_by column can no longer be truncated, and the Created_On column is now properly set.

Release Date 10/20/17

FIXED: PayflowPro: The ISO Country Code will now be sent properly when creating cash receipts. 

ADDED: PayflowPro: Settings: Default Currency ISO Code - This is the Default Currency ISO Code that will be used if an ISO Code is not found. (Default: USD)

Release Date 10/9/17

FIXED: PayflowPro: The ISO Country Code will now be sent properly.

Release Date 10/5/17

FIXED: Payeezy: There will no longer be a "307 - Authorization not found" error when voiding transactions.

Release Date 8/1/17

FIXED: Credit Card Transaction: When using tokenization, users are now less likely to receive a "Padding is invalid and cannot be removed" error when entering credit cards. If this build does not completely fix the problem, there are potential workarounds to fix this error once it has occurred.
FIXED: Transaction Entry: MasterCard BIN-2 credit cards will no longer receive a "Card Issue Detected" prompt.

Release Date 6/30/17

FIXED: Transaction Processing: Better checks for "Hexadecimal value is an invalid value" errors were added.

Release Date 6/16/17

FIXED: FirstData: Level three data will now be properly sent to the processor. NOTE: A "Commodity_Code" (exact name) UDF may need set up on the sales line to properly send this value, and this value can be populated in various ways. UOfMs must conform to the Payeezy codes, but we provide an override to default a value. 

ADDED: FirstData: Setting: Default UofM Override - If the GP UofMs do not comply with the FirsData codes, this setting can be set to send a UofM code outlined here.
ADDED: FirstData: Setting: Default Value When Values are Blank - By default, we will send "NA" for any required fields for level three data. This setting can be used to send a different default value.

Release Date 2/8/17

UPDATED: Handling for transactions that are missing CC Number Masked was improved.

Release Date 12/9/16

FIXED: Authorize.Net processor transactions do not properly restrict data length.
FIXED: Making changes to a transaction may cause the amount to be reset when Force Zero Dollar Authorizations is enabled.

Release Date 9/29/16

ADDED: New MasterCard BINs for card type detection were added.

UPDATED: The Installer End User License Agreement was updated

Release Date 7/28/16

ADDED: Processor Setup: Payment processor save validation.
ADDED: Server support for Disable TLS 1.0 setting.

FIXED: Processor Setup: The processor grid is editable.

Release Date 7/13/16

FIXED: Batch Capture: The Zero Authorization Batch Capture does not work properly when tokenization is enabled.

Release Date 6/1/16

ADDED: Setting: Disable TLS 1.0 - Prevents all requests sent to and from CardControl from using the TLS 1.0 protocol.

Release Date 5/26/16

FIXED: Editing a customer credit card removes its status as the default credit card.
FIXED: BluePay processor transactions use the gateway time zone (CST) instead of UTC. 

Release Date 4/5/16

FIXED: New credit card 'Expiration Date' is considered invalid when the user selects a month before than the current month when the selected year is greater than the current year. 

Release Date 3/18/16

UPDATED: Use gzip compression when sending documents over MSMQ.

FIXED: New credit card 'Expiration Date' is considered invalid when the user selects the current month/year.
FIXED: Closing CardControl on a terminal server environment results in a Windows error.

Release Date 2/15/16

ADDED: MSMQ support for ReadCreditCardTransactions API method.

FIXED: EBizCharge independent credits.

Release Date 1/27/16

ADDED: EBizCharge processor default live and test URLs.
ADDED: 'Comments' field is now available on the Transaction Entry screen. This field currently maps to the 'Description' column for eBizCharge.

FIXED: EBizCharge credit transactions result in an error.
FIXED: Saved credit cards are not shown for Customers with two-digit IDs.
UPDATED: Moneris default live URL.

Release Date 12/8/15

FIXED: Data Migrator: Deleting legacy manual transactions results in an error.

Release Date 11/19/15

ADDED: Sales Batch Processing - Can now do batch charging through CardControl using MSMQ.

FIXED: Sales Batch Processing: Can now batch process credit card transactions through CardControl using MSMQ.

Release Date 10/29/15

FIXED: Error during capture transaction involving invalid hexidecimal characters. 

Release Date 10/21/15

ADDED: Credit Card Transaction Entry Security - Force Zero Dollar Auths: This security forces the amount field to be $0 for new authorizations.
ADDED: Version Control - Users will not be able to use a version of CardControl other than the version that is listed in the database. Users are notified of version differences upon log in. If a user logs in with a version of CardControl that is not listed in the database, the user may update the database version only if they have 'Update Database' permissions in Security. Users without the 'Update Database' permission will be prompted to get the correct version of CardControl.
ADDED: MSMQ Communication between SalesPad GP and CardControl 
ADDED: MSMQ Communication between Additions and CardControl 
ADDED: MSMQ Communication between ERP and CardControl
ADDED: eBizCharge processor

FIXED: If an inactivity time out executes while the customer search confirmation dialogue is open, an error will no longer occur.
FIXED: Transaction Entry: Amount field now allows for greater values.
FIXED: Login issue for GP2010 users.
FIXED: Adjusted information sent with eBizCharge request
FIXED: Fixed a bug where card numbers would be used when a stored token already exists with Authorize.Net
FIXED: Credit Card Transaction Entry Screen: If a token exists for a card, the user is now prevented from processing that card without using the token.
FIXED: After a failed transaction, it was possible for line item information to not be populated correctly.
FIXED: Masked AMEX cards show the last 4 digits now instead of the last 5. This may cause duplicate entries of previously saved American Express cards.
FIXED: Credit Card Transaction Entry: Vantiv(Previously LitleOnline) now accepts quotations, apostrophes, less than, greater than, and ampersand characters in all appropriate fields.

UPDATED: Processor Setup - LitleOnline is now Vantiv, FirstData E4 is now PayEezy.
UPDATED: Settings: Fixed grammar errors within descriptions. 
UPDATED: CardControl now has the ability to adjust choose columns on all grids.

REMOVED: 'Zip Code' setting on eBizCharge.
REMOVED: AssureBuy is no longer an available processor.

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