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Tax Codes


Tax Codes help you account for sales tax as you conduct your business. Tax Codes are created in your QuickBooks Online account and imported into your SalesPad Cloud company when the QuickBooks Online integration runs.

To get started, select Tax Codes from the Settings menu.

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View Tax Code Details

To view Tax Code details, click on the Tax Code you wish to view from the list on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you wish to make changes to a Tax Code, you must make the change in QuickBooks Online. The change will not appear in SalesPad Cloud until the QuickBooks Integration runs (integrations run every 10 minutes).

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See it in Action

Tax Codes are assigned to Contacts in the Create or Edit Customer drawers.

SalesPad Cloud uses the Contact Used for Tax setting in the Sales Settings section of System Settings to determine taxes charged on a sales document. If the item(s) on the sales document is taxable, it will be taxed based on the Tax Code found on the shipping address for this contact. The default for this setting is the Shipping Contact, but it can be changed to the Bill To Contact.

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