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Integration Dashboard


The Integration Dashboard provides a quick look at the health of your various SalesPad Cloud integrations and gives you valuable performance insight at a glance. 

To view the Integration Dashboard, click Integration Dashboard from the Settings menu. 

The Integration Dashboard window will open, displaying your current third-party integrations. 

Each third-party integration will have its own field displaying import and export information for the integration. Imports and exports displayed indicate data exchanged over the life of the integration. By default, integrations run and data is refreshed every 10 minutes. 

SalesPad integrates QuickBooks Online information in the following order:

  • Company Settings
  • Classes
  • Accounts
  • Locations
  • Tax
  • Payment Terms
  • Item Masters
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Documents

The bar on the far right of the integration field is green if the integration is healthy and error-free, red if it is not. To visit the System Settings entry for the integration, click the gear in the lower right-hand corner of the integration field. 

The System Settings page is where you manage your integration settings. 

For more information on QBO import settings, please visit the Integrating with QuickBooks Online section of our Getting Started documentation. 

To view a log of integration activity, click the Integration Logs tab on the Integration Dashboard. 

If you have a failed import or export, the Error Message column will contain information that will help SalesPad Cloud Support resolve the problem for you. 

To contact SalesPad Cloud Support about a failed integration or any other issue, send an email to, or call 616-245-1221. 

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