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Account Class


An Account Class is used to tie items back to their parent accounts in QuickBooks Online. Account Classes are created in your QuickBooks Online account and imported into your SalesPad Cloud company when the QuickBooks Online integration runs. 

To get started, select Account Class from the Settings menu.

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View Account Class Details

To view Account Classes details, click on the Account Class you wish to view from the list on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you wish to make changes to an Account Class, you must make the change in QuickBooks Online. The change will not appear in SalesPad Cloud until the QuickBooks Integration runs (integrations run every ten minutes).

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See it in Action

Account Classes are assigned to Item Classes in the Item Class drawer.

Assigning an Account Class to an Item Class ensures that items with that Item Class affect the correct QuickBooks Online accounts. Be sure to have 'Track Classes' enabled in QuickBoobks Online. 

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